Camping Sites Near Istanbul



Kıyıköy is located in the city of Kırklareli at a distance of 140 kilometers from Istanbul. This lovely coastal town is approximately two hours’ drive from Istanbul. Kıyıköy is the perfect location for those looking for a peaceful campsite surrounded by nature.

Sahilköy Camping Site in Şile

Şile is a great spot for camping and is just a short distance from Istanbul. It can be reached in only one hour, provided the traffic is not too heavy. This lovely district is packed with many camping sites and facilities.


Just one-and-a-half-hour drive from the city, Ağva has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing camping experience in the fresh air.


Polonezköy is one of the closest camping spots to Istanbul, meaning it is accessible but still removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. You should definitely tour the trekking trail in the forest.

Lake Poyrazlar Nature Park

About three hours away from Istanbul, Lake Poyrazlar is an ideal spot for camping. It’s particularly well-suited for camper parents, as it entails a safe road trip and convenient surroundings.


Kilyos is the perfect spot for those looking for a camping site near Istanbul. Though Kilyos is famous for its beaches, the village offers many camping sites to pitch your tent. There are many camping sites available in Kilyos.