Istanbul is a great place for diving, given the city is surrounded by sea on three sides. The sport of diving enables you to stay underwater with the help of special equipment. It may be performed as a one-time exploratory dive after you receive basic training.

Diving Spots Near Istanbul

Neandros (Tavşan Adası, Balıkçı Adası, Eşek Adası)

The island houses many great diving locations and offers an abundance of fish species, including ray, sea bass, anchovy, spicara, brown meagre and lobster.

Heybeliada Çamlimanı

You can take a quick tour around the island and go diving to see a wide variety of marine species, such as lobsters, red scorpion fish, and ancient vessel forms like amphora.

Rumeli Feneri

The journey to Rumeli Feneri takes approximately 2.5 hours. Divers are likely to see sea breams, corbs, rays, burbots, sea basses, large ancient anchors, amphoras and ancient cannonballs. It is also possible to see ancient crockery and cauldrons at the wreck found in the headland called Fil Burnu. This location may not be suitable for diving at all times. Rumeli Feneri offers a clearer view and warmer water than the Marmara Sea. Divers are very likely to see nearly 15 ancient anchors, dolphins, whales, turbots and soles.

Çilingoz, Kıyıköy, Yalıköy

It takes about two or 2.5 hours to get here from Istanbul. You are likely to see flathead gray mullets, snailfishes, dolphins, whales and turbots on your dives.