Fishing is an enjoyable activity to do in Istanbul. How about fishing in the plentiful Bosporus waters of Istanbul? Take your fishing line and visit the shore of your choice. You’ll have an unforgettable experience! Istanbul awaits you for this pleasant and relaxing activity.


Galata is the top fishing spot in Istanbul. Make sure you arrive early in the morning to secure a good spot. Outside July and August, there is an abundance of fish species in the region, including young blue fish, gray mullet and Atlantic horse mackerel. Local fishermen mostly prefer to fish using a string of feathers with 10 or 12 hooks. You can use different types of sea fishing rods, baits and floats. The Galata Bridge is also packed with hawkers selling sandwiches and tea.


Another popular fishing location is Topkapı, where you can enjoy fishing surrounded by the Topkapı Palace and Maiden’s Tower. Sarayburnu exhibits a stony and composite coastline and is home to a diverse range of fish species that school together. These include the Atlantic horse mackerel, young and standard bluefish, Atlantic mackerel and Atlantic bonito. Fly rods are highly recommended because of the rocky coastline of Sarayburnu.

Bebek/Akıntı Burnu

The Akıntı Burnu is located in Arkavutköy, a lovely suburb in the Beşiktaş district. Akıntı Burnu is a headland that lines the Bosporus shoreline on the European side of Istanbul. While crossing the Bosporus, you will notice that the seaside sidewalk is perpetually packed with locals fishing. You can find young and standard horse mackerels in September, blue fish and young blue fish in November, and garfishes in summertime.

Lake Büyükçekmece

If you want to go freshwater fishing near Istanbul, you can visit Ömerli Dam on the Anatolian Side, the picnic areas near Riva Creek. If you want to catch pike, we suggest you to go Lake Terkos or Bahşayış, a village in Çatalca with a coast on Lake Büyükçekmece. Regular fishing rods are not permitted in freshwaters. You will need a special type of rod, one that was originally used to catch common rudd. You can also enjoy a nice picnic with your loved ones and soak up the sunshine as you fish in this peaceful lake.

Kalyon Bay in Şile

Located in the southern part of the nearby town of Ağva, the Kalyon Bay is a natural wonder. There you will follow the cement road until Bucalı village. Continue on the gravel road until you reach the coastline. You will reach the shoreline after driving four kilometers, passing through the colossal tubes of the Greater Melen Project. Kalyon Bay resembles the world-famous fjords of Norway. You can reach the sea by climbing down the giant rocks and large steps. You can easily catch fish here without worrying about the waves wetting you.

The Coast of Üsküdar

The coast of Üsküdar is a great spot for fishing. There are designated fishing spots in front of the Şemsi Pasha Mosque on the coast of Şemsi Pasha Beach. Paşalimanı is only a 10-minute walk from the coast of Üsküdar towards the Black Sea. You can enjoy a lovely day at the park by going fishing or having a nice little picnic. There are also fishing spots in front of the Beylerbeyi Mosque, a little further up the road. Heading up towards the Black Sea, you will find ideal fishing spots such as the Kuleli Military High School, Kandilli Beach, Kanlıca and Çubuklu.