Aydos Forest/Kartal

Situated on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, Aydos Forest is a popular trekking and picnic destination. It is surrounded by unspoiled nature and pine trees. After spending a day in Aydos Forest, you’ll be fascinated by the fresh air and serenity and will regret not having visited earlier. The pond is a five-kilometer walk from the forest. From there, you can enjoy a paddle boat ride or unwind after a hike with a nice cup of tea at one of the many nearby cafés.

Belgrad Forest

The Belgrad Forest is situated on the European side and is another great hiking destination. Spreading across more than 5,500 hectares of land, the Belgrad Forest is home to a wide range of plant and animal species. The forest contains ancient aqueducts and offers many leisure activities for visitors to enjoy, including hiking, running and picnic grounds.

Validebağ Korusu (Validebağ Grove)

Although Validebağ Korusu is located in Üsküdar, the middle of Istanbul, and it offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The grove boasts easy access to many modes of transportation and a lush green trekking destination all year long. Visit Validebağ Grove to kickstart your day as you walk beneath a canopy of dense trees listening to the sounds of birds chirping.

Türkmenbaşı Natural Park

The nature park was named “Türkmenbaşı” (literally: Head of Turkmens) in honor of Saparmurat Niyazov, the late leader of Turkmenistan. This park signifies the cultural values shared by Turkey and Turkmenistan. The Türkmenbaşı Natural Park is a peaceful getaway, an untouched landscape full of bird species and hiking paths. Here you can break away from the chaos of the city. You can enjoy a lovely day with your loved ones shaded under pine trees or take a walk in the company of squirrels.

Emirgan Korusu (Emirgan Grove)

The Emirgan Grove served as a home to the Ottoman sultans and statesmen throughout history. It contains three mansions: the Yellow Mansion, the Pink Mansion and the White Mansion. The grove boasts fresh air and a stunning view of the sea. You will enjoy visiting Emirgan Grove in April, when it is adorned with colorful tulips.

Polonezköy Nature Park

The nature park is named after the village of Polonezköy, which was settled in 1775 by a small group of Polish emigrants after the First Partition of Poland. Bearing the mark of various cultures and civilizations, Polonezköy Nature Park gives you the opportunity to take long walks and embrace nature. Home to many bird species, plants and trees, the nature park offers a great escape from the commotion of the city, allowing you to enjoy a memorable and peaceful day with the sounds of birds chirping in the distance.