Türkiye İş Bankası Museum

Türkiye İş Bankası Museum is a corporate history museum that collates, preserves and shares information related to the bank’s economic, social and corporate development since its foundation on August 26, 1924.

Türkiye İş Bankası, established on Ataturk’s orders as the first bank in the Republic of Turkey, has a collection that parallels the country’s economic and social development, its adventure in modernization and thus it can enlighten us about certain episodes in our history. The museum witnesses the story of Turkey’s economic structure being created from scratch, presents the various roles undertaken by İş Bankası, its contribution to the country’s development, the formation of its corporate structure, and its communication with the public in both the service and social context.

Türkiye İş Bankası museum has opened to visitors, tens of thousands of documents covering all stages of its corporate history, and items, films and photographs form the museum collection. The museum, of which the editing and text writing was undertaken by Prof. Zafer toprak, museum assembly and design by Burçak Madran, visuals editing and installation by Çağdaş Arpaç, has been set up at the historical building of Yenicami branch in Eminönü.

The museum displays the substantial role Türkiye İş Bankası has assumed over the history of the Republic in the economic and social lives of Turkey. By opening its vast archives to the public the museum is getting a great deal of attention from visitors.  Türkiye İş Bankası Museum, which reflects all phases of Turkish banking history and offers cross sections of social life in the Republic period, has been welcoming visitors with its rich collection since November 14, 2007 The museum, established with an extensive archive of photographs, banking equipment, advertising and promotional materials, films, communication tools and documents, is open everyday between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. except public holidays, the first days of religious holidays, and New Year’s day.