Which Bosporus Cruise to Take in Istanbul

By taking a Bosporus cruise tour, visitors can enjoy what Istanbul has to offer from a different angle. You can either choose the traditional Şehir Hatları, Istanbul’s official ferry company, or a private cruise company. Private Bosporus cruise tours can be taken from central spots such as Ortaköy, Kabataş, Beşiktaş, Avcılar, Arnavutköy and Üsküdar. Şehir Hatları offers Short Circle Bosporus and Full Bosporus Cruises. Ferryboats depart every day from the Eminönü docks.  The Full Bosporus Cruise by Night departs from Bostancı but operates only on Saturdays.

How long do Bosporus tours last and what do they offer?

The one-way full Bosporus tour takes about one and a half to two hours, including a break in Anadolu Kavağı. In private tours, the ferry stops at Anadolu Kavağı for nearly three hours, allowing passengers to disembark and enjoy the seaside neighborhood. Şehir Hatları tours do not include any breaks. They offer various vessels that are available during specific hours for both directions to give visitors more freedom. Bosporus tours at night generally lasts longer than the other tours. Some private tours include meal options and may take up to four and a half hours depending on the departure points. Şehir Hatları’s Full Bosporus Cruise by Night is only available on Saturdays. It takes passengers from Bostancı all the way to Anadolu Kavağı and back within two and a half hours.