Istanbulkart for Public Transportation

The Istanbulkart is an all-round, re-loadable public transportation card. Anyone can purchase an Istanbulkart all across Istanbul to get around the city. 

How Much Does It Cost?

You need to pay 6 Turkish lira to get an Istanbulkart.

Where to Get an Istanbulkart
You can buy an Istanbulkart at over 2,000 Istanbulkart sales points, Biletmatik machines (ticket machines), major transit stops, kiosks and refill points (look for the phrase “Akbil/Istanbulkart Dolum Noktası”).

How to Top Up the Istanbulkart
 You can top up your Istanbulkart at Biletmatik machines, Automatic Refill Machines, at or using the Istanbulkart app.

How to Use the Istanbulkart
 You should scan your card at the turnstiles in public transportation stations or card and ticket validators in vehicles. The machine will collect a certain fee (or transfer fee, if you have used another vehicle in a short space of time) and you will hear a beep sound letting you know you can pass. If your card balance is not sufficient or there is another issue with your card, you will hear a different sound.

When you place your Istanbulkart on the reader, it will only charge you for a single fare. If you place the Istanbulkart on the reader again, you will be charged a second time. The amount of the second fare depends on the type of your card and the means of public transportation. The reader displays the cost of the fare you pay, as well as the current balance of your card.