Special analyses and mappings were conducted for the districts by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to generate earthquake risk analyses of urban superstructure and infrastructure elements of 39 districts in Istanbul.

The studies for the 39 districts can be accessed from the following link:

If you are indoors in the event of an earthquake:

Stay calm and never panic.

  • Stay away from non-fixed cupboards, cabinets, shelves, windows and other objects.

If available, crouch near a desk supported with chairs, or any object that can provide cover such as large armchairs, couches, stuffed chests, and create a triangle of life near such object. Cover your head with both of your hands or using a protective material (pillow, book, etc.). Maintain your cover until the earthquake is over.

Find a safe place, kneel down and DUCK

Ensure protection of your head and neck, and COVER

Find a fixed place, and HOLD it to prevent falling

You should not run for exits or stairs.

  • Absolutely stay away from elevators.
  • You should not use phones for purposes other than reporting emergencies and fires.
  • You must not light matches or lighters, and you should not touch any electrical switches or buttons.
  • In case that you use a wheelchair, lock your wheels and cover your neck and head.

You can visit  for more information on earthquakes.

You can find the nearest Disaster and Emergency Gathering Area by entering the district, quarter and avenue/street information after selecting your city.