“Istanbul has been the magical and sacred seal that combines Europe and Asia since the past.

Istanbul is certainly the most beautiful place on Earth.”

(Gerard De Nerval)


There is no other city in the world where you can watch one continent from another.

Istanbul is a city that extends over the Bosphorus with a view that no one can get enough of. With its boats, dolphins that happily leap over the sea, and seagulls that amazingly dance on the air, the Bosphorus has a magnificent and unique view.

Just as Rome was once referred with vague names such as urbs or kent, and was still distinguished from other settlements, cities and other parts of the world, the Bosphorus, which was once known by the name Bosphore, also adopted the word Bosphorus like Rome, and went so far as to become the definition of the word Bosphorus. Ancient Greeks named the Bosphorus Symplēgades, which means “Clashing Rocks” because of the basalt columns and caves located at the end of the Bosphorus.

The most well-known legend of the Bosphorus, which was also mentioned in several myths, is known as follows: Zeus once fell in love with the mortal Io, and transformed her into a cow to protect Io from the wrath of Hera. However, Hera gets informed about this, and summons a fly to punish and harass Io. While being pursued by the fly, Io runs towards the shores of the Bosphorus from Europe, and gets into the cold waters of the Bosphorus and starts to swim across.  Perhaps the Bosphorus was used as a passage for going from one continent to another for the first time on this occasion.

Even if you are not an explorer, the Bosphorus will make you experience the desire of discovery, the excitement of going from one continent to another, and the pleasure of an interoceanic journey.

The paths over the Balkans and Anatolian peninsula are tied together in Istanbul without facing and substantial obstacle. The purpose of the Bosphorus as a sea route that connects the cultural realms of the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions, and the connection of roads that bring Asia and Europe together towards the Bosphorus are vital factors that give this city a special personality and impact the development of Istanbul throughout the entire history.