Istanbul, with its natural, historical, and cultural treasures, allows for families with children to have a great vacation.

Children are always able to experience something new without getting bored or tired in this dream city, Istanbul.

We have gathered together the information about children-friendly places in Istanbul for your convenience.


Ataturk Arboretum was built in Sariyer district of Istanbul, over the natural vegetation of Belgrad Forest located over the Bahcekoy-Kilyos road with the collaboration of Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry and the General Directorate of Forestry. Nowadays, the arboretum hosts more than 2000 various plant species that are brought from different parts of the world in an area of 296 hectares. It was named Ataturk Arboretum in 1982 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Ataturk’s birth.

Address: Istanbul Universitesi-Cerrahpasa, Orman Fakultesi, Bahcekoy Merkez Mah. Valide Sultan Cad. No:2 34473 Bahcekoy-Sariyer/Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 226 19 29

Visitor Information: It is closed on Mondays. It may be visited on other days of the week, between 08.30 and 17.00.


Bakirkoy Botanical Park was built over an area that is 96 thousand square meters wide. The park, opened on June 2013, also holds two of the tallest game towers of Turkey with a height of 11.50 meters. Talking dinosaur statues welcome you at the entrance of the Park. Aqua parks and game equipment, thematic gardens, medicinal herbs, and areas for culinary and garden plant groups aim to entertain and educate the children and adults. It is stated that there are 262 thousand 500 plants inside the Botanical Park, and some of the plants are trees that are 40-50 years old. It is a place where you can have a good family time with your children with children’s playing areas, statues, natural ponds, decorative pools, waiting zones made for migrating birds, picnic areas, and social complex, besides the Botanical Park area.

Address: Osmaniye Incirli Kavsagi, D-100 Yanyolu, 34146 Bakirkoy/Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 414 97 00

Visitor Information: The opening hour is 07.00 and the closing hour is 23.00 for those who would like to visit Bakirkoy Botanical Park.


Istanbul Aquarium, where the marine species of the world are found, operates in Florya as the newest of its kind compared with other aquariums with its tour route, thematization, interactivity, rainforest, and bleeding edge technology. Cultural, geographical, historical and architectural features of a total of 17 themes and 1 rainforests from the Black Sea to Pacific Ocean; and decorative items, interactive games, movies, and graphics with relevant detailed information suitable to these themes were included in the thematization of the aquarium. The sound and lighting systems of the areas were also arranged according to this thematization.

Address: Senlikkoy Mahallesi Yesilkoy Halkali Cad. No:93 Florya-Istanbul

Visitor Information: It may be visited every day, between 11.00-19.00.


Miniaturk was opened to visitors after being completed on 2 May 2003 by Kultur A.S., a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Miniature models of a total of 135

architectural works from  Turkish and Ottoman regions which were picked among thousands of historical works according to their recognition and period, consisting of 62 works from Istanbul, 60 works from Anatolia and 13 works from the Ottoman region, which are now located outside the borders of Turkey, are being displayed at Miniaturk. Unique natural formations were meticulously picked by an expert team. In addition, the Temple of Artemis and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, two of the seven ancient wonders of the world which were built in Anatolia but does not exist today, are also displayed at Miniaturk. Being one of the first destinations in the Istanbul tours of domestic and foreign tourists, Miniaturk is the ideal place for those who would like to go on a tour of Turkey in a short amount of time.

Address: Örnektepe Mahallesi, İmrahor Caddesi, No:7 Sütlüce 34445 Beyoğlu – İstanbul

Phone: +90 212 222 28 82

Visitor Information: Miniaturk is never closed and open every day, including national and religious holidays. The museum can be visited every day between 09.00 – 18.00.


The construction of Panorama 1453 History Museum started in 2005 by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and the museum was opened to visitors in 2009 at Topkapi Culture Park (Topkapi Kultur Parki). The conquest of Istanbul is one of the breaking points of history. This event, which brought a new order to the world, also enriched Istanbul in terms of art, architecture and culture. Panorama 1453 History Museum was opened to be able to introduce the cultural heritage created by the efforts of different civilizations, and to narrate the past and present of the city, and the spirit of the conquest. The museum is fully panoramic both vertically and horizontally. With this feature, it is also known as the world’s first fully panoramic museum. The sky seamlessly spans from the upper area of the picture as a dome. By this way, it gives an outdoor feeling even though the museum is an indoor space. With its panoramic ceiling, sound effects and three dimensional parts, it conveys the thrill of the conquest of Istanbul to its visitors every day of the year.

Address: Merkez Efendi Mahallesi Topkapi Kultur Parki Zeytinburnu/ISTANBUL

Phone: +90 212 415 14 53

Visitor Information: The museum is open to visitors every day between 08.00 – 17.00.


Isfanbul, also formerly known as Vialand is the first themed park built in Turkey. Located at Eyupsultan and Gaziosmanpasa districts of Istanbul, the park was opened on 26 May 2013. The Theme Park in Isfanbul, offering family-sized entertainment for the young and old alike, is established over an area 120 thousand square meters wide. Welcoming its visitors with its gorgeous and epic castle, Isfanbul Theme Park, established over a 4 thousand square meters wide area with 20 million dollars of investment, offers quite interesting amusement units such as the world’s fourth best rollercoaster Nefeskesen (“Breath taker”) going from 0 to 110 km/h in 3 seconds, the “Tower of Justice”, a source of adrenaline with a 50 meters of fall, the King Kong, and the Viking.

Address: Yesilpinar Mah. Sehit Metin Kaya Sok. No:11/1 Idari Ofisler 34065 Eyupsultan/ ISTANBUL

Phone: +90 212 600 01 00

Visitor Information: Weekdays: 10.00 – 18.00 Weekends: 10.00 – 18.00


Kadikoy Municipality has renovated and turned the house where Baris Manco lived and created his artistic works into a museum house. Several details that come to mind when thinking about Baris Manco were brought together, primarily his wife Lale Manco and his sons Dogukan Hazar and Batikan Zorbey. With the opening of the house on 9 June 2010, a place that reflected different aspects of the famous musician besides his artistic identity was created. The name of Baris Manco continues to live in his house at Moda with “Baris Manco Moda 81300”, brought to the district of arts, Kadikoy, thanks to the contributions of Halkbank of Turkey, guidance of Kadikoy Municipality and the committed efforts of the

Manco Family. With this house, memorized by all of Turkey, the fans of Baris Manco can meet with him again while those that don’t know him are able to get to know about his life.

Address: Caferaga Mahallesi, Yusuf Kamil Pasa Sok. No:5, 34710 Kadikoy/Istanbul (Baris Manco Evi)

Phone: +90 216 337 94 13 – +90 216 337 94 11

Visitor Information: It is open every day between 09.00-16.45 excluding national holidays. (Garden door and the box office is closed after 16.45.)


Having witnessed the sports history of Turkey, Besiktas JK takes its guests on a delightful journey focused on experience and interaction on the digital realm with applications that are based on visitor experience, while successfully presenting its contemporary exhibitions and the museum collection prepared to serve as a reference for today’s sports culture. Besiktas JK Museum, entered from the historical 19 May gate of Vodafone Park, is the largest sports museum of Turkey with an area consisting of two floors and 1650 square meters in total. Starting its journey to also become a museum of sports history besides being a museum for a football club, Besiktas JK Museum offers an unique experience for its guests with interactive areas and its structure suited for the disabled and the children.

Address: Visnezade Mah. Kadirgalar Cad. No:1, Besiktas / Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 948 19 03 Internal: 5008-5009

Visitor Information: It is open to visitors every day excluding Monday between 10.00-18.00 for the October – May period, and every day excluding Monday between 10.00-19.00 for the June – September period. During match days, the museum is closed two (2) hours before the fans enter the stadium. It is closed on January 1 and the first days of religious holidays.


Emaar Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, consisting of the Rocky Shores, Main Tank where the tunnel aquarium is also located, Forests, Rivers and Waterfalls, Penguin Island, Crocodile Kingdom and other thematic areas, hosts more than 20,000 marine and amphibious creatures from 200 species. Thousands of species from the sharks living in coastal areas to the huge spider crabs of dark and cold places of the ocean, and from the goby fish, the most curious fishes of the ocean floor to the piranhas and to one of the fastest species of the ocean, manta rays, bring the guests to the mysterious and colorful world of the ocean life.

Address: Unalan, Ayazma Cad. No:78, 34700 Uskudar/Istanbul

Phone: +90 850 290 80 90

Visitor Information: The aquarium can be visited every day between 12.00-20.00. Entrance is not allowed after 19.00.


Tasdelen type A recreational area, the largest recreational area of Turkey, is spread over approximately 2600 acres of land. With 25,000 m² of service area within this location, Forestanbul awaits you. With its rich content, operating model and professionalism, Forestanbul offers its visitors the opportunity to exercise, rest and enjoy their free time in harmony with nature to stay away from the hustle and bustle and stress of the city. Operating as a place that fulfills the need for outdoor activities, one of the biggest issues of Istanbul, where people of all ages are able to spend some quality time together, Forestanbul also offers services for groups and companies with various alternatives besides individual guests, and allows for organizations for special days.

Address: Tasdelen, Tasdelen Cad. 22/A, 34788 Cekmekoy/Istanbul

Phone: +90 542 740 0 740

Visitor Information: Entrance to the adventure parkour is done in sessions. The parkour is open every day excluding Mondays between 10.00 – 12.30 for the 1st Session, 13.30 – 16.00 for the 2nd Session, and between 16.30 – 19.00 for the 3rd Session.


HUPALUPA, a place that welcomes everybody where the children, parents, friend groups and teens are able to enjoy together, offer service 360 degrees based on the most desired theme of ‘enjoying some time together’. For this aspect, HUPALUPA is not only the favorite of Istanbul but also the surrounding cities. The observation terrace found inside the playground was thought for the comfort of parents and safety of the kids.  In addition to the game areas with rich content focused on entertainment, performance, and adrenaline, Hupalupa offers unlimited and uninterrupted types of social activities with food and drink areas like Break Zone Restaurant and Coffee Zone, and centers such as Hupalupa Store, Birthday Party Rooms, Workshops, and the Hupalupa Stage.

Address: Ataturk Mah. Ertugrul Gazi Sok. Atasehir/ISTANBUL

Phone:  +90 850 255 55 88

Visitor Information: It operates ever day of the week, between 10.00 – 22.00.


Istanbul Museum of Illusions offers an opportunity of an interactive and entertaining journey to its visitors with illusions that excite people through generations. The museum was designed to be an entertaining place where you can experience something new and have some good time.

Address: Narmanli Han Istiklal Cad. No:180, 34421 Beyoglu / Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 244 06 64

Visitor Information: It can be visited every day of the week from Monday to Sunday, between 12.00 – 18.00.


It is a verdant and lively area located in the Botanical Park that is 5 acres wide, covered with forests, and has tropical butterflies flying around.

Address & Contact: Fatih Sultan Caddesi, Zerzevatcikoy (Acarkent bitisigi) Beykoz / Istanbul

Phone:+90 216 319 52 53, +90 532 617 30 00

Visitor Information: The area with butterflies will be temporarily closed. The café and park areas are open every day of the week between 10.00 – 18.00


Started its adventure in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City, Children’s Nation KidZania was founded in order to serve as a world where the children can learn while having fun. Initially opened in Santa Fe in 1999, KidZania now operates across 22 countries and 29 cities. KidZania Istanbul, with its 8,000 m² wide area, offers services to children between ages 0-14 as the 16th KidZania of the world since 2014 in Akasya. The best brands of Turkey enhance the reality of this city ruled by kids. In KidZania, a real city with 67 different activity areas consisting of its bank, hospital, supermarket, laboratory, theatre, university, fire department, earthquake simulation center, stadium, streets, factories, and its square, children can experience more than 120 different occupations.

Address: Akasya, Cecen Sok. No: 25A Acibadem Uskudar 34660 Istanbul, Turkiye

Phone: +90 850 200 54 39

Visitor Information: Closed on Mondays; Tuesday – Friday between 10.00 – 16.00; Saturday – Sunday between 10.00 – 20.00


KidzMondo is a children’s city where the kids can spend quality time all day, have fun while they learn and enjoy so much. It is a real city, scaled down for children. Spread over an area of 4 thousand m² in Trump Shopping Center, with its own streets and building and its own constitution, it was designed as a city governed by children.

Address: Trump Alisveris Merkezi Mecidiyekoy Yolu Cad. No: 12 B3 Kati Mecidiyekoy, Sisli – Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 348 10 00

Visitor Information: Closed on Mondays, Tuesday – Thursday 10.00 – 16.00, Friday: 10.00 – 19.00, Saturday – Sunday 10.30 – 20.00


It is a large and interesting Lego-themed amusement park with game equipment suited for children and food stands.

Address: Istanbul Sualti Dunyasi Turizm Tic. A.S. Forum Istanbul, No:3 Kocatepe Mah. Pasa Cad. 34045 Bayrampasa/Istanbul


With a history of 250 years, the Madame Tussauds brand now operates in Istanbul. At Madame Tussauds Istanbul, where about 60 notable people among historic and cultural heroes, and recognized people within arts, sports, and politics from the past to present will take place, you can embark on a journey of history of the Ottoman and Republic periods, and meet with several international musicians, sportspeople and movie stars besides many well-known celebrities from Turkey.

Address: Huseyinaga Mahallesi, Istiklal Cad. No:56, 34435 Beyoglu/Istanbul

Phone:+90 212 444 32 53

Visitor Information: Final hour of entrance to the museum is 19.00, Closing Hour: 20.00


Turkey’s first and Europe’s largest indoor theme park; and Europe’s largest indoor amusement colony with huge swings, high speed shuttles, adrenaline filled games and fun tunnels, MOIPARK consists of two floors over a 12,000 m² wide area. There are tens of joy-filled games, units and swings for ages over 10 on the lower floor and ages between 4-10 on the upper floor.

Address: Suleyman Demirel Bulvari Mahmutbey Basaksehir / Istanbul

Phone:+90 212 801 10 60

Visitor Information: It is open every day, between 10.00– 22.00.


Istanbul Toy Museum was founded on 23 April 2005 by poet/writer Sunay Akin. The museum where the best examples of the history of toys from 1700’s to present are displayed is located at a historical mansion. Founded with the toys bought by Sunay Akin from antiquarians and auctions across more than 40 countries over 20 years, Istanbul Toy Museum presents world history to its visitors in a more entertaining and catchy method of learning. For instance, the race to the Moon in the section for space toys and the Industrial Revolution in the section for train toys is told using the language of toys. The decoration of the museum was also designed by the stage design artist Ayhan Dogan under this context. The museum represents a breakthrough in the world for the reason that it was opened by a poet and designed by a stage design artist.

Address: Omerpasa Cad. Dr. Zeki Zeren Sok. No:15 Goztepe/ Istanbul

Phone:+90 216 359 45 50-51

Visitor Information: The museum is open every day excluding Monday between 09.30-18.00.


Opening the first chocolate museum of Turkey, Pelit brought the masterpieces of the Turkish-Islamic arts, masterworks of art across world, tale heroes, famous legends and chocolate falls together by preparing all of them only using chocolate. It consists of 5 sections which are the Main Hall, Istanbul Hall, Hall of Great Turkish People, Artists’ Hall and Hall of Civilizations. Another special aspect of the museum is that the production of chocolate can be watched as it happens. A mini-sized, more entertaining kitchen was also thought for kids. Children can learn so much about pastry in here.

Address: Koza Mahallesi 1678 Sok. No:19 (Sanayi Mahallesi Evren Sanayi Sitesi Akbati AVM Arkasi) Esenyurt-ISTANBUL

Phone: +90 212 411 13 00

Internal: 1160 – 1326

Visitor Information: The museum can be visited every day of the week. Museum operating hours: 10.00 – 17.00


Historic Haskoy Shipyard, Mustafa V. Koc Building. Rahmi M. Koc Museum is an industrial museum at the coast of the Golden Horn, in Haskoy district of Istanbul. Opened with the support of entrepreneur Rahmi Koc in 1994, the museum is the first important museum dedicated to the industry, transportation, and communication. Various organizations, concerts and special exhibitions are frequently held at the museum. Spanning over a 27 thousand square meters wide area, the museum consists of three main parts: Mustafa V. Koc Building / Historical Lengerhane (“Anchor Casting”) Building, Historical Haskoy Shipyard and Outdoor Exhibition Area.

Address: Haskoy Cad. No: 5 Haskoy, Beyoglu/Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 369 66 00

Visitor Information: Tuesdays – Mondays, 09:30 – 17:00 (October 1 – March 31), 09:30-19.00 (April 1 – September 30), The museum is closed on holidays, eves and first days of religious holidays, and December 31 and January 1 of every year. * The museum is closed on Mondays.


Sabanci University Sakip Sabanci Museum is located in Emirgan in Istanbul, one of the oldest settlements of Bogazici. The main building of the museum, the villa, was built by the Italian architect Edoardo De Nari on the order of Prince Mehmed Ali Hasan of the Egyptian Khedive family in 1925, and it was used as a summer residence by different members of the Khedive family for many years. Opened to visitors after the addition of a modern gallery in 2002, the museum technically achieved international standards by after it was expanded with the reorganization process carried out in 2005. Today, Sabanci University Sakip Sabanci Museum offers a sophisticated museum environment with its rich collection, the international temporary exhibitions it accepts, conservation departments, guiding education programs, and with various concerts, conferences, and seminars.

Address: Sakip Sabanci Caddesi No:42 Emirgan 34467 Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 277 22 00

Visitor Information:


It is the largest aquarium of Istanbul and Turkey, and is located in the shopping center named Forum Istanbul found in Bayrampasa, Istanbul. Situated over an area of 8 thousand square meters, it became one of the largest aquariums of the world with its 80 meters of glass underwater observation tunnel. Opened on October 2009 with its initial name, Turkuazoo, Istanbul Aquarium Underwater World offers its visitors the opportunity of observing more than 10 thousand sea creatures, including rare species such as sharks, stingrays, octopuses, and sea turtles. Moreover, the aquarium also offers the chance of diving and taking photos with sharks, marriage ceremonies at the special zones of the aquarium, meetings, birthday parties and special tour programs for kids with the guidance of trainers.

Address: Istanbul Forum Istanbul Kocatepe Mah. Pasa Cad. No:5/5 Bayrampasa

Visitor Information:


Located in Torium Shopping Center, Turkey’s first indoor snow recreation center Snowpark offers continuous winter sports and joy on all four seasons. Winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing; and fun activities such as snowtubing and snowrafting await you at Snowpark. Snow playgrounds and walking areas, drawbridges, ice caves present brand-new experiences for people looking for something other than the regular city life. In Snowpark, where 130 people can enjoy the recreational area and 70 people can use the snowboarding tracks at the same time, people are also able to receive ski and snowboarding courses. With every type of winter sports equipment available, any ski gear of choice can be instantly obtained. To allow the visitors to enjoy the snow on any season whenever they desire, necessary boots, coats and gloves are given to visitors at the entrance.

Address: Turgut Ozal Mahallesi E-5 Uzeri Haramidere – Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 699 69 70

Visitor Information: It is open on Mondays – Fridays between 12.00 – 20.00, and Saturdays – Sundays between 12.00 – 20.00.


With a collection of more than 2500 objects (kites, publications, materials and various objects) from 6 continents and 33 countries as of today (September 2017), collected by Mehmet Naci Akoz since 1986, Uskudar Municipality Mehmet Naci Akoz Kite Museum, the first and only of its kind in our nation, and one of the 18 kite museums of the world, waits for its visitors. It continues to operate under the projects of “Education with Museums” continued by Directorate of National Education of Istanbul since 2011 and “Children-Friendly Museum” started by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2008.

Address: Aziz Mahmut Hudayi Mahallesi Uncular Cad. Bakici Sok. No:12, 34672 Uskudar

Phone: +90 216 553 23 37

Visitor Information: The museum is open every day between 09.00 – 17.00.


Address: Yenisehir Mah. Dedepasa Cad. No:19 ViaPort – Pendik / Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 696 10 02

Visitor Information: Open between 10.00-22.00 as of 01.06.2020.


Pirate Island Theme Park, found in Viaport Marina, the first marina and wellness center of the world with 9 functions and designed completely on the ocean, offers service for its guests in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, at Tuzla, where Istanbul, Kocaeli, Bursa, Yalova and Adapazari meets together. Promising a great recreational experience and a nice day for visitors of all ages, Pirate Island Theme Park contains a total of 28 different amusement unit, including the phenomenal Red Fire, one of the most exciting rollercoasters of the world. Designed using world-standard technology, Pirate Island Theme Park also keeps the classical Turkish amusement park culture alive besides the modern amusement units.

Address: Cami Mah. ViaSea Eglence Meydani Viaport Marina No:29, 34940 Tuzla

Phone: +90 530 600 06 15 / +90 216 560 18 00

Visitor Information: Entrance and exit hours differ for each unit.


The early life passion of painting, sculpturing and modelling of Nejat Cuhadaroglu, the founder of the museum, have eventually evolved to being a collector and then to the difficult, but also pleasant, pursuit of museology over the years. Militaristic and ethnographic artifacts from the Ottoman era (1453-1923) are displayed in the museum. In addition, the museum, which was established in order to reveal the unique legacy of our history and the lost links of it, has been enriched with dioramas and mannequins that depict certain periods throughout history.

Address: Hurriyet Mah. Cemil Bengu Cad. No: 21 34403 Caglayan – Istanbul / Turkiye

Phone: +90 212 296 98 04

Visitor Information: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00; Sunday: 12.00 – 18.00


Ural Ataman Classic Automobiles Museum is open since 2000 at its address in Tarabya. Known as the place for classic automobile enthusiasts, the museum, where over 60 automobiles from 1920-1970 period are displayed, also continues to serve as an alternative place with flawless services for meetings, special dinners, cocktails, birthday parties and especially wedding parties with its uniquely beautiful collection and decoration. At Ural Ataman Classic Automobiles Museum, one of the rarest classic automobiles museums of Turkey, there are also automobile parts and accessories of the period besides the automobiles, each with a different background.

Address: Ferahevler Mahallesi, Nuri Pasa Caddesi, No: 107 Sariyer/Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 299 45 39

Visitor Information: Information for visitors is obtained via phone.


Istanbul Modern Training Section aims to create a public training and sharing platform for visitors, artists and all actors of the world of art, while rendering modern and contemporary arts accessible for everyone by making them more understandable and bringing them together with an audience consisting of people from all ages and backgrounds.

Address: Asmalimescit Mahallesi Mesrutiyet Caddesi No:99 34430, Beyoglu Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 334 73 00

Visitor Information:


Operating in the historic Bristol Hotel building located in Tepebasi, Pera Museum is a museum established by Suna and Inan Kirac Foundation to provide an extensive and qualified culture and art service. Activities for children are organized at the museum on weekends for various age groups.

Address: Mesrutiyet Caddesi No.6534430 Tepebasi – Beyoglu – Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 334 99 00

Visitor Information:


The Besiktas coastal region, where the 19th century Dolmabahce Palace is located in, is a region that have witnessed the naval activities of the Bosporus in the past, as one of its bays. The impact of innovation and modernization brought by the era also had an impression on the palaces of the Ottoman Empire besides its culture and reign. The most magnificent structure brought by this modernization was Dolmabahce Palace, which is also the third largest palace of Istanbul today. The Palace enjoys an incredible view facing the Bosporus. The founder and the first President of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk lived in Dolmabahce Palace between 1927-1938, and continued his official work here until his demise in 10 November 1938 in Dolmabahce Palace. The palace was opened to visitors as a museum and a palace in 1984.

Address: Visnezade, Dolmabahce Cad. 34357 Besiktas/Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 327 26 26

Visitor Information: The museum is closed to visitors on Mondays. It may be visited between 09.00-16.30.


Topkapi Palace is located in Sarayburnu on the Historical Peninsula, one of the oldest historical areas of Istanbul. The construction of the palace started in 1460 on the order of Mehmed the Conqueror, and finished in 1468. The palace became the center of government, education and art, and a home for the sultans throughout a period of four hundred years starting from Mehmed the Conqueror to 31st Sultan Abdulmejid. This palace holds historical importance for this reason. Transformed into a museum after the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, Topkapi Palace is the first museum of the Republic. Covering approximately 300,000 square meters of area today, Topkapi Palace is one of the largest palace museums of the world with its structures, architecture, collections and about 300,000 archived documents. In addition, workshops for children are organized at Topkapi Palace Museum.

Address:  Sultanahmet, Posta Kodu:34122 – Fatih/ISTANBUL

Phone: +90 212 512 04 80

Visitor Information: Topkapi Palace is closed to visitors on Tuesdays. It may be visited on other days, between 09.00-16.30.

**Tickets for Topkapi Palace can be purchased from box offices between 09.00 – 16.00.

*Tickets for Harem and Hagia Irene are sold separately from museum tickets.

**Topkapi Palace Harem Area and Hagia Irene (Museum Pass is not accepted)


Established in Istanbul Sapphire Shopping Center over an area of 1000 m² , Istanbul Wax Sculpture Museum contains about 60 wax sculptures of well-known people. Some examples among the notable people whose sculptures are made after the 11 years of efforts given by Jale Kushan are: Adolf Hitler, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Genghis Khan, Tsar Alexander II, Elvis Presley, Mehmed the Conqueror (Mehmed II), Giacomo Casanova, Hurrem Sultan, Josef Stalin, Karl Marx, Leonardo Da Vinci, Levent Kirca, Mawlana, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Nazim Hikmet, Rauf Denktas, Vladimir Lenin, Yunus Emre, Boris Yeltsin, Suleiman the Magnificent, Michael Jackson, and Zeki Muren.

Address: Istanbul Sapphire Emniyetevleri Mahallesi, Eski Buyukdere Cad. No:1, 34415 Kagithane/Istanbul

Visitor Information: The museum is open every day.


Automobiles of various brands that are not manufactured today, such as the 1886 model Benz, 1899 model Decouvelle, and 1979 model Porsche are found in Mehmet Arsay Classic Automobiles Museum. Automobiles manufactured until 1940 are displayed on the first floor of the museum, while other automobiles manufactured after that year, mostly American and sports cars, are displayed on the upper floor.

Address: Ataturk Mahallesi Ikitelli Caddesi No:178 34330 Halkali – Istanbul / TURKIYE

Phone: +90 212 348 40 00

Visitor Information: Weekdays: Closed, Weekends: Saturday – Sunday: 10.00 – 17.00


As the name suggests, the house, including the objects and furniture, are completely UPSIDE DOWN! At Ters Dunya, where you will feel that you are walking on the ceiling at the moment you enter, you can have fun with your family or your friends, confound the social media with the interesting photos that you can take, or just enjoy walking on the ceiling.

Address:  Inonu Mah. Alpkaya Cad. No:4 Atasehir/Istanbul Turkiye

Phone: +90 507 312 04 07