The VISIT.ISTANBUL website is a comprehensive guide about the interesting places, hotels, transportation and many other visitor information for Istanbul.

This guide intends to promote the values of Istanbul with the cultural mosaic of unprecedented richness, unrivaled historical texture and investment opportunities according to the dynamics of each target country.

The VISIT.ISTANBUL promotion and communication guide is managed by a professional team from the Tourism Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains the questions frequently asked about Istanbul.

The Visit Istanbul project has been created by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to promote Istanbul and increase the popularity of the city in the international arena. The most important role of the Visit Istanbul project is that it is a platform where all the information the visitors may wonder about or take interest in is given. In this sense, the visitors will be able to easily access to all the information about Istanbul using the platform.

Visit Istanbul provides answers to questions through both the website and the social media channels and functions as an up-to-date guide of the city.

It is possible to gain access to information about Istanbul in various topics on the website. Some of these are gastronomy, culture & art, accommodation, transportation, useful information and activities etc. Furthermore, it is also possible to find required content using the search feature of the website.

Visit Istanbul is not a travel agency and, therefore, does not offer any trip or travel service. The website does not incorporate a feature to allow booking.

You can click here to get information about traveling to Istanbul.

You can refer to the What to Do category in order to get more information about the historical and religious places, beaches, cafés, restaurants and many other places to visit.

You can use the search feature of the website in order to find the information you look for.

Here, you can access to the contact information of the hotels and boarding houses in Istanbul.

The Istanbul category on the website provides a lot of information about Istanbul.

You can click here to see the posts about Istanbul.

Turkish is used in Istanbul. However, the personnel in tourism offices speak various languages to help visitors.

It is possible to apply for visa in any place with an internet connection and easily enter to Turkey without waiting in queues at the Representation Offices of the Republic of Turkey or border gates. You can find more information here.

As Mastercard and Visa are available almost everywhere and used with almost all the swiping machines, this allows you to use your credit cards in Istanbul without any issue.

Istanbul aims to be accessible for all travellers. It is possible encounter wheelchair ramps in public transportation, many restaurants, hotels and beaches. Lifts, escalators and handrails are

also found in many public spaces. You can also find benches where you can sit and have a rest. You can click here to get more information about disabled-friendly hotels.

You can dial 0212 527 45 03 to get emergency help from the tourism police. This is an emergency number which you can call when your life or property is at risk. You can also click here to view other emergency contacts.

Please contact the embassies in Istanbul for the other concerns you seek help for.

You can send an e-mail from here about all the questions you have about visiting Istanbul.