Istanbulkart (“Istanbul Card”), the payment method used in Istanbul’s public transportation, allows for a quick and safe payment in urban transportation, and also provides various uses in many locations such as Ispark parking areas, iTaxis, IMM Social Facilities, Beltur cafés and restaurants, market shopping, and city beaches and rest rooms. The passengers are able to use just the Istanbulkart, or Limited Use Tickets IKIgec (“TWOpass”), UCgec (“THREEpass”), BESgec (“FIVEpass”), or Ongec (“TENpass”) for payment when choosing IETT or Havaist buses with luggage services for access to Istanbul Airport.

1 – How Can I Obtain an Istanbulkart?
You can obtain your Anonymous Istanbulkart from all individual and corporate representatives or from ticket machines (Automatic Recharging/Sale Machines) found across Istanbul.
For more information on Istanbulkart Purchasing and Recharging Centers:

2 – How Much Does Istanbulkart Cost?
The price of an Anonymous Istanbulkart is 6 Turkish Liras.

3 – How Can I Add Money to the Balance of My Istanbulkart?
You can add money to the balance of your Istanbulkart from all individual and corporate representatives, ticket machines, from the website at and from the Istanbulkart Mobile Application.

4 – How Do I Use My Istanbulkart?

You can use your Istanbulkart in all member businesses and corporations with Istanbulkart Electronic Toll Collection System integration. It is as easy to use as placing your card on the Istanbulkart card readers found on cashier’s desks (Istanbulkart process centers) of member businesses in the areas of retailing and service that accept payments via Istanbulkart , and on the card readers found on the turnstiles or validator devices found on public transportation vehicles (Bus, IETT, Subway, Tram, Cable Car, Marmaray, Metrobus, Ferry, etc.).  The device collects the price charged at that center, and gives an audio-visual warning (pass/collection screen or confirmation sound). If your balance is not sufficient, or if there is another issue with your card, the device warns you of invalid transaction with a visual or audio warning. You will not get charged more than once if you continue to hold your card on the reader. The card must be scanned more than once for each payment. If you raise your Istanbulkart and put it back on, the second payment will be made. The amount of the second payment will vary depending on the type of your card, the vehicle you are on, the service you are receiving, and the pricing policy of the member business. You can see the payment amount and the remaining balance on the screen of the card reader.

New Features and Areas of Application for Istanbulkart

You can now add money to your Istanbulkart, view your current balance, and make payments for passes via the QR Code of your digital account using the Istanbulkart mobile app.

o On phones with NFC support, you can view your balance, apply for subscription, create a money loading order by putting your Istanbulkart on the back of the phone.
o You can create a TRY or subscription order for Istanbulkart at any amount of choice via accepted bank cards.
o You can view the nearest Istanbulkart recharging and payment centers on the map.
o It allows you to easily examine the details of past recharging, payment, and order transactions.
o In pilot areas, you can pay for passes using the QR Code on the app, thanks to the currently tested read-and-pass feature.

Safe Travel With Istanbulkart – HES Code Synchronization

People who came into contact with Covid-19 patients will not be allowed to use public transportation, to make it safer during the pandemic. Istanbulkart cards without an HES Code will not be accepted on public transportation vehicles after January 15.
The HES Code obtained from the “Hayat Eve Sigar” (HES) application or by SMS, personal information, and phone number can be synchronized with your card by filling the form found at website.

The relevant guide will be provided for the first-time users of the Istanbulkart mobile app through the information screen regarding HES Code synchronization .

Mastercard Advantages on Istanbulkart Mobile!

It is aimed to offer advantages by making life easier and more comfortable, and making projects that create added value with the collaboration done with Mastercard. Istanbulkart is always with you to make your life easier!

A TRY 15 gift balance is provided for first-time users signing up on Istanbulkart mobile application who add money by defining their Mastercard.

An amazing tour of Turkey awaits you at Miniaturk with Istanbulkart.

With your Istanbulkart, you can buy a ticket to Miniaturk, and get on a magnificent tour of Turkey by examining the identical miniature models of the important architectural works of Turkey.

Istanbulkart allows to make payments across 30,000 new food & drink centers that accept MultiNet meal card.