You can discover various delicacies on the streets of Istanbul 24/7.

Fish Sandwich in Eminonu

Do not forget to taste the ancient food of fish while witnessing the living history of Istanbul.

Stuffed Mussels at Shores of Istanbul

This appetizer which was sold in the Greek taverns during the Ottoman Era preserved its taste to this day, and took its place among the coastal districts of Istanbul. Do not leave without tasting stuffed mussels, one of the most special tastes that you can encounter in Istanbul.

Jacket Potatoes in Ortakoy

With its vivid atmosphere created by the triangle of mosque, church, and synagogue, eating jacket potatoes in Ortakoy is a tradition of this popular district of Istanbul.

Meatball Sandwich

There is no need to see the meatball sandwich. You can know that it is waiting for you on the corner by its appetizing smell.


Roasted chestnuts are an essential part of the winter season. With its inviting smell, would it even be possible to not taste it?


Kokorec, which took its place among the street delicacies of Istanbul with its strong smell, may run out at any moment. Don’t be late to taste this wonderful meal.


Simit is a traditional delicacy that you can always encounter on the streets of Istanbul. If you are travelling by ferry, you should definitely share some of it with the seagulls.

Rice with Chickpeas

There is no need to be hungry when you discover this meal on the streets of Istanbul, just order a plate and it’ll be ready for you to eat. In fact, you should also order a glass of ice-cold homemade ayran. You won’t believe the taste of it.

Pickle Juice

While many are not lucky enough to try it, it is a must to drink the tasty pickle juice that brought to present by the Ottoman cuisine.

Halka Dessert

Halka (“Ring”) dessert is another delicacy that has a vital importance in Istanbul street cuisine. You can’t forget its taste with its crispy and light texture.

Street Pogaca (Buns)

Usually sold on the streets, pogaca is one of the key assets of Istanbul mornings. You can get its pleasant smell it from meters away.

Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is something that will take you back to your childhood years when you encounter it.


In the past, lovers on the streets of Istanbul would not hesitate to buy a wafer to share with their significant other when they see it. Why?

Candy Apple

You pupils will smile and shine with happiness when they see a candy apple on the streets of Istanbul. It is so sweet that you would feel bad not buying it.

Sweet Corn

It is found on street corners to be sold as boiled or grilled during the right season. Corn comes first among the street tastes that you would definitely like to try out and can’t get enough of when you see it on the food stand.