Foreign Publications

Newspapers Days Published Foreign Publications Period
1. The New York Times International Every weekday and Saturday English Daily
2. Financial Times Every weekday and Saturday English Daily
3. The Wall Street Journal: Every weekday English Daily
4. The Guardian Weekly English Weekly
5. The New York Times (Sunday Issue) English Weekly
1. The Economist English News-Economy Weekly
2. Time English News-Economy Weekly
3. Bloomberg Businessweek English News-Economy Weekly
4. Harvard Business Review English News-Economy Bimonthly
5. World Finance English News-Economy Quarterly
6. Forbes English News-Economy Bimonthly
7. African Business English News-Economy Monthly
8. Entrepreneur English News-Economy Monthly
9. Fast Company English News-Economy Monthly
10. Foreign Affairs English News-Economy Bimonthly
11. Harvard Business Review OnPoint English News-Economy Quarterly
12. Turkish Policy Quarterly English International Politics Quarterly
13. Computer Arts English Computers Monthly
14. Wired USA English Computers Monthly
15. Wired UK English Computers Bimonthly
16. New Scientist English Science-Technology Weekly
17. BBC Science Focus English Science-Technology Monthly
18. What Hi-Fi English Technology Monthly
19. T3 English Technology Monthly
20. Discover English Science-Technology Monthly
21. Stuff English Technology Monthly
22. Popular Science English Science-Technology Bimonthly
23. Scientific American English Science-Technology Monthly
24. American Scientist English Science-Technology Bimonthly
25. Popular Mechanics English Technology Monthly
26. Elle Decoration UK English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
27. Elle Decor USA English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
28. House & Garden English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
29. The World Of Interiors English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
30. Wallpaper English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
31. Country Homes & Interiors English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
32. 25 Beautiful Homes English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
33. Living Etc English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
34. Architectural Digest USA English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
35. Interior Design English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
36. Veranda English Decoration-Architecture Bimonthly
37. Florida Design English Decoration-Architecture Quarterly
38. Kitchen Bedrooms & Bathrooms English Decoration-Architecture Monthly
39. Q.UK English Men Monthly
40. Esquire UK English Men Monthly
41. Q.USA English Men Monthly
42. Esquire USA English Men Monthly
43. Chat English Teenage Weekly
44. Seventeen English Teenage Bimonthly
45. J-14 English Teenage Bimonthly
46. Conde Nast Traveller UK English Nature-Travel Monthly
47. National Geographic USA English Nature-Travel Monthly
48. Travel Leisure English Nature-Travel Monthly
49. Conde Nast Traveler USA English Nature-Travel Monthly
50. Sunday Times Travel English Nature-Travel Monthly
51. Air International English Aviation-Space Monthly
52. Airliner World English Aviation-Space Monthly
53. Air Forces Monthly English Aviation-Space Monthly
54. Cosmopolitan UK English Women-Family Monthly
55. Elle UK English Women-Family Monthly
56. Tatler English Women-Family Monthly
57. Glamour UK English Women-Family Semiannually
58. Cosmopolitan USA English Women-Family Monthly
59. Elle USA English Women-Family Monthly
60. Marie Claire USA English Women-Family Monthly
61. W Magazine English Women-Family Monthly
62. Women’s Health USA English Women-Family Monthly
63. Womens Health UK English Women-Family Monthly
64. The New Yorker English Culture-Art-History Weekly
65. Readers Digest English Culture-Art-History Monthly
66. Monocle English Culture-Art-History Monthly
67. BBC History English Culture-Art-History Monthly
68. National Geographic History English Culture-Art-History Bimonthly
69. London Review of Books English Culture-Art-History Semimonthly
70. BBC World Histories English Culture-Art-History Bimonthly
71. Hello English Celebrity-News Weekly
72. Ok Weekly English Celebrity-News Weekly
73. Us Weekly English Celebrity-News Weekly
74. People Weekly English Celebrity-News Weekly
75. Closer English Celebrity-News Weekly
76. Vogue USA English Fashion Monthly
77. Vogue UK English Fashion Monthly
78. Vogue Hommes International English Fashion Semiannually
79. Harpers Bazaar USA English Fashion Monthly
80. Harpers Bazaar UK English Fashion Monthly
81. Vanity Fair English Fashion Monthly
82. In Style USA English Fashion Monthly
83. I D Magazin English Fashion Quarterly
84. Another Magazine English Fashion Semiannually
85. Dazed Confused Magazine English Fashion Quarterly
86. Rolling Stone English Music Semimonthly
87. Q English Music Monthly
88. Metal Hammer English Music Monthly
89. Gramophone English Music Monthly
90. Bbc Music Magazine English Music Monthly
91. Guitarist English Music Monthly
92. Mojo English Music Monthly
93. Car English Automobiles Monthly
94. Classic Cars English Automobiles Monthly
95. Classic and Sports Car English Automobiles Monthly
96. Evo English Automobiles Monthly
97. BBC Top Gear English Automobiles Monthly
98. Mens Health UK English Bodybuilding Monthly
99. Mens Health USA English Bodybuilding Monthly
100.Prevention English Health Monthly
101. Psychology English Health Bimonthly
102. Psychologies English Health Monthly
103. Four Four Two English Sports Monthly
104. World Soccer English Sports Monthly
105. Motorboat Yachting English Yachting Monthly
106. Yachting Monthly English Yachting Monthly
107. Yachting World English Yachting Monthly
108. Classic Boat English Yachting Monthly
109. Boat International English Yachting Monthly
110. Bike English Motorcycles-Bicycles Monthly
111. Empire English Movies Monthly
112. National Geo Kids English Children Monthly
113. Food And Travel English Food & Drink Monthly