There are a wealth of exhibitions to explore in Istanbul’s many galleries

G Art galleries in Istanbul are one of the important parts of cultural and artistic life. Works of important contemporary artists and world-famous foreign artists are frequently featured in these art galleries. Therefore, it is almost impossible to visit all of the many art galleries in Istanbul.


Galleries in Istanbul
5 exciting art galleries in Istanbul

ArtIstanbul Feshane: A Cultural Oasis in Istanbul

ArtIstanbul Feshane is a venue for a diverse range of cultural, artistic, and entertainment events.

ArtIstanbul Feshane is a remarkable cultural and event venue located in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey. Situated in the historical Feshane district, this unique space has gained recognition for its historical significance and its role in hosting a wide range of cultural, artistic, and entertainment events.

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Istanbul Modern
Türkiye’s first museum of modern and contemporary art

Istanbul Modern mediates the sharing and transfer of our country’s artistic heritage on a global scale and brings together artistic productions from various geographies in Istanbul.

With a vision to support the diversity of artistic expressions, it collects, preserves, exhibits, researches, and documents works of art.

Salt Galata
One handsome buildings with neoclassical and orientalist architectural details

Exploring the intersections and interactions between different disciplines, Salt focuses on art, architecture and design, and social and economic history; It aims to nurture the dialogue between the past and the present, to address today's culture with new approaches and interpretations, and to support the production of knowledge.

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