The Crown Jewels of Istanbul's Architectural Heritage

Bosphourus Architecture - Yalı's
Unique architectural heritage that reflect the city's rich history and culture

These waterfront mansions are a symbol of wealth and status, and they have been home to some of Istanbul's most prominent families for centuries. The history of Istanbul's yalıs dates back to the 15th century, when the Ottoman Empire began to build summer residences along the shores of the Bosphorus.

These early yalıs were typically simple wooden structures, but they gradually became more elaborate over time.

YIstanbul's yalıs are typically two or three stories high and are built on the waterfront. They are often made of wood or stone, and they feature large windows and balconies that offer stunning views of the Bosphorus. The interiors of Istanbul's yalıs are typically lavishly decorated, with marble floors, ornate woodwork, and chandeliers. Istanbul's yalıs are a significant part of the city's architectural heritage

Ahmed Afif Pasha Yali

A Historical Mansion in Istanbul

Yalı Kont Ostrorog Yali

Also known as Server Pasha Mansion, is located in the Kandilli neighborhood

This impressive structure was built in 1850 by Server Pasha, the Minister of Justice. Server Pashas mansion was sold to Count Ostrorog in 1904, and thus changed hands for the first time. 

Yalı Esma Sultan Yali

The architect of the neo-classical style mansion is Sarkis Balyan.

This historical mansion, which takes its name from Esma Sultan, the daughter of the 32nd Ottoman Sultan, Sultan Abdülaziz, has witnessed many events.

Yalı Yılanlı Yali

One of the most prestigious mansions in Istanbul

Yılanlı Yalı, one of the most important mansions in Istanbul, stands in Bebek Bay with its magnificence and majesty that defies the years. The first owner of the mansion, which was built in the late 1700s, was Reisülküttab Mustafa Efendi.

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Şerifler Yali

A Rare Example of 18th Century Bosphorus Civil Architecture

Şerifler Mansion is a rare mansion that has survived to the present day, an example of civil architecture that emerged in the 18th century on the Bosphorus.

Said Halim Pasha Yali

A Historic Mansion in Istanbul

Said Halim Pasha Mansion is a historic mansion located in the Yeniköy district of Istanbul. 

Hatice Sultan Yali

A Historic Mansion in Istanbul

Yalı Ahmet Mithat Efendi Yali

A Historic and Magnificent Mansion in Istanbul

Ahmet Mithat Efendi Mansion is one of Istanbuls historic and magnificent mansions. This mansion is named after Ahmet Mithat Efendi, an important writer and journalist in the Ottoman Empire. 

Yedi-Sekiz Hasan Pasha Yali

A Historic Mansion in Istanbul