Istanbul's Pearl Necklace

H Kuzguncuk, located in the heart of the Bosphorus, is famous for its historical buildings dating back to the Ottoman period and its narrow colourful streets... The historical district invites its visitors on a pleasant journey to the past with its wooden houses and enriches Istanbul's cultural heritage with its mosques, churches and synagogues.
Old Jewish Settlements
The last stop before reaching the Holy Land

Kuzguncuk, one of the first Jewish settlements and defined by Jews as 'the last stop before reaching the Holy Land', has a great place in the memory of the city. A source of inspiration for artists, this charming neighbourhood has been the subject of films and poems. It is one of the rare districts in the metropolis where neighbourhood culture is alive and it is another Istanbul within the city.

Historical Inhabitants of the Bosphorus: Mansions

Kuzguncuk, which makes you watch Istanbul with its mansions along the Bosphorus; Macanlar Mansion, Bastılar Mansion, Arapzadeler Mansion, Sculptor İhsan Bey Mansion, Kamil Pasha Mansion, Fethi Ahmed Pasha Mansion, Madam Agavni Muratyan Mansion and Halil Haşim Bey Mansion attract attention.

Free places in Kuzguncuk that make you say 'Never Return Without Seeing'

Fethi Pasha Grove, Perihan Abla Street, Kuzguncuk Bostanı, Üryanizde Ahmet Esad Efendi Mosque, Ayios Panteleimon Greek Orthodox Church, Bet Yaakov Synagogue.

Named after the former Ottoman vizier Fethi Ahmet Pasha, the grove is described as the oxygen depot of Kuzguncuk.
Fethi Pasha Grove
which is neighbouring the Bosphorus, is very popular with its view and hiking trails... IMM Social Facilities are also located in the grove.
Kuzguncuk houses
lined with wooden houses featuring bay windows and shaded by lush trees

Perihan Abla Street takes its name from a nostalgic TV series character broadcast in the 1990s. Perihan Abla Street, a colourful street with Kuzguncuk houses, is a very popular place with its warm atmosphere.

Kuzguncuk Bostanı
A Breathtaking Garden

Kuzguncuk Bostanı is a hobby garden where neighbourhood residents can do agriculture... The orchard, which attracts attention with its fruit gardens, agriculture and recreation areas, also includes walking paths, children's playground and basketball court. This charming orchard, which is one of the favourite photo spots of Kuzguncuk, is one of the first places visited by the guests.

Üryanizade Ahmet Esat Efendi Mosque which was built by Üryanizade Ahmet Esat Efendi in 1860, was completed in 40 days according to the rumour. This mosque, which is a window opening from Kuzguncuk to the Bosphorus, is a centre of interest with its view.
Ayios Panteleimon Greek Orthodox Church Orthodox church dedicated to St Panteleimon, which was opened for worship by Mahmud II in 1831. Ayios Panteleimon was designed in the Greek cross plan of Byzantine architecture. The church, which is typical of the Neo-Byzantine movement, bears the signature of Nikola Ziko.

Üryanizade Cemil Molla Efendi Mansion

located in a virgin grove and fascinating with its architecture, greets Istanbul from Kuzguncuk with all its splendour.
The much talked about story of the mansion

Üryanizade Cemil Molla Efendi, one of the statesmen of the Ottoman Empire, decides to build a mansion on the land inherited from his grandfather. Cemil Molla Efendi, who had the mansion built by the Italian architect Signor Alberti, turned it into a centre of culture and arts, organised philosophy and poetry nights and hosted musical nights with musical instruments such as piano, oud, tambour, clarinet.

Haunted Pavilion

The mansion, which was put up for sale after his death, was characterised as inauspicious by its new owners. According to rumours, every family that moved to the mansion started to experience negativities. After these events, the name of the mansion was called 'haunted mansion' among the people.