Heritage of a city where three religions meet

Religious Heritage
Religious Harmony in Istanbul: A Living Legacy

Istanbul, a city that has embraced people of various faiths for centuries, stands as a treasury of religious legacy. It is adorned with mosques, churches, and synagogues that have withstood the test of time, bearing witness to the city's rich history of religious harmony. Istanbul's religious mosaic stands as a testament to its enduring tradition of religious coexistence. For centuries, people of diverse faiths have harmoniously coexisted in this city, and this unity is vividly portrayed by the presence of mosques, churches, and synagogues, all standing together as an embodiment of Istanbul's unwavering commitment to religious diversity.

Hagia Sofia

The word "aya" in the name of Hagia Sophia means holy, and the word "sofya" means wisdom. Therefore, the name "Hagia Sophia" means "Holy Wisdom" or "Divine Wisdom" in reference to Jesus, and is considered one of the three attributes of God in Christian theology Explore
Masterpiece Of The History Of Architecture

Hagia Sophia is of great importance, first of all, with its size and architectural structure. This historical structure, which has stood for centuries, is among the masterpieces of art history and architecture

R While traveling around Istanbul, you can come across a church, a mosque, a synagogue on almost every street, and you will realize that the religious culture has lived in an understanding of worship that respects each other for centuries. Perhaps it is the synthesis of spirit arising from this diversity that transforms Istanbul into a sacred city identity.

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